Cameron Novack | To Love Again | (Original Song)

July 28, 2013


Cameron Novack - To Love Again



Cameron Novack | From Where You Are | (Lyric Video)


Published on Jul 2, 2013

In the process of making Cameron Novack a star, producer Doug Petrucci decides to have the amazing Cameron Novack sing this song dedicated to all of those who are in love, yet not near each other. Also dedicated to our soldiers, both home and abroad, defending all of those with love and honor who cannot defend themselves.

Music producer: Doug Petrucci and Russ Desalvo discover the magic of Cameron while recording this great song.

Written by Doug Petrucci and Jeanne Mcgill.
In God We Trust

Cameron Novack | “The Voice” Season 2 Blind Auditions

January 21, 2013


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